Return to Sport

Return to Sport

Return to Sport Framework.

What do Adelaide University Sport Clubs have to do?
Many of you will be receiving information from your SSO, if not received already, about how your sport is going to return. Many of the requirements will be the same as mapped out in the AIS Framework, however, there may be additional requirements to consider depending on your sport.
To assist our clubs, AU Sport is asking all clubs to consider the following:
We recommend that communication be sent to all members that they should download and use the COVID-19 App. We understand that not all will want to do so, but the app is a vital tool that will assist sport to return to normal.
We also encourage all key club personnel, including First Aid Officers, Coaches and Committee Members to undertake the free COVID-19 infection control training provided by the Government.

What do you need to go back?

 Things to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Return to sport plan provided to AU Sport.

  • Confirmed facility bookings.

  • Coaches.

  • Approved training activities.

  • Cleaning protocols.

  • Registrations and attendance records.

  • Signage and field space allocation.

  • First aid provisions.

Return to Sport Plan

All clubs will need to submit a ‘Return to Sport plan’ which must show:

  1. How you intend to train with a maximum of 10 people per training session and which space you aim to use, inclusive of maps/diagrams.
  2. Hand sanitisation stations for use before and after trainings.
  3. Change rooms are only available for when a bathroom is needed.
  4. What days, times and groups intend to train.

Supporting documentation from your SSO should be included or documentation following the AIS Framework.
If you don’t have the support you need form your SSO please contact your AU Sport Staff Club Contact or Sara Lane via who will be able to assist you with this process.
For those outdoor sports permitted to return, a return to sport plan should be submitted to AU Sport at the following email-


  1. Are all memberships up to date? It is critical that AU Sport have accurate membership data. Members also need to have a club membership as well as an AU Sport membership to be covered by insurance. Additionally this will assist a club’s eligibility for other AU Sport benefits such as grants and facilities.

  2. Update the system to address new situation. If you need assistance with developing products for modified seasons please contact us.

Who should be training?

It’s important to consider the reduction of field use. Scheduling your players carefully with a fair approach will be required.  As a result, clubs are requested to maintain an ongiong record of players attending trainings.

Communication plan.

Communication will be key throughout this process. Consideration about how you are going to communicate with your key stakeholders and what information they will require. Stakeholders may include SSO’s, AU Sport, club members, supporters and parents. 

Facilities & Bookings.

Currently only outdoor activities are permitted with 10 individuals including a coach. Both the AIS Framework and state sporting organisations provide up to date information about the use of outdoor spaces including the number of groups allowed.  For example, the restrictions currently allow three groups of 10 on a Football and Soccer field and two groups of 10 on a Lacrosse field and an outdoor netball court.
Once you have received confirmation from AU Sport that your plan has been approved, please submit your facility booking via the online form which can be found here.
Due to the current restrictions you may no longer have exclusive access to a space or you may be asked to train across a range of our outdoor facilities including the North Adelaide Fields, Waite and West Beach. We ask for clubs to be understanding and patient throughout this process.

Once you have approval from AU Sport you will be able to commence communication to key stakeholders about how the process will run and when training will resume.
You will need to ensure that your training sessions are run in accordance with your return to sport plan. AU Sport will be working with University Security to ensure that facility booking times are adhered to.  

Suspected or Confirmed cases of COVID-19.
If there is a suspected case or confirmed case of COVID-19 at your club you will need to:
1. Notify SA Health, if not already done so by a health professional, AU Sport (, state sporting organisation and facility provider. AU Sport will also be required to notify the University.
2. Follow SA Health guidelines and directions.
3. Communicate to club members if SA Health directions impact on the wider club community.
4. Keep AU Sport and state sporting organisations informed throughout the process.

We held two interactive forums for our clubs to discuss the process for returning to sport. In case you missed it, you can find a copy of the PowerPoint below.

See Return to Sport FAQ's here.