Adelaide University Mountain Club Cotton T-Shirt

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We hope you’ll like our new merchandise which is designed for everyday casual use. They will come in unisex (regular fit) and ladies (v-neck slim fit). The fabric is higher quality than pub-crawl t-shirts. We have tried to make the design as clean and simple as possible. You can choose between black (white print), grey (black print) and white (black print).

All sizes and styles are on sale for just $15.00 .

Please Note:
1. We do not keep stock on hand. We only print the t-shirts after 15 or more have been purchased. For this reason we recommend purchasing this item once the date of a batch order has been announced.
2. Please choose your design and size carefully because we cannot change the order once gone to print. We recommend you try on a t-shirt at one of our events to get your size.




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