West Beach Playing Fields - Upgrade 2020

West Beach Playing Fields - Upgrade 2020

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Adelaide University Sport are excited to announce that our funding submission for the Grassroots for Football, Netball and Cricket grant has been successful for development of our West Beach facility. As a result we received $675,000 from this grant, which is in addition to a further $330,000 from the 2020 SSAF Capital Grant.

Our submission was lodged back in November 2019 with the aim of creating a multi-sport hub for competitive and recreational sports by developing unisex change rooms and club room facilities. Currently the West Beach facility plays host to a number of our Adelaide University Sport clubs such as hockey, cricket, soccer and football, as well as scuba, mountain and gliding.

The development of our West Beach facility will promote growth in sport, particularly for women, and will assist in increasing the number of sports that can be held there throughout the year. All Adelaide University Sport clubs and external organisations, that hire the grounds, will have access to the new facilities, which have not previously been available.

Adelaide University Sport General Manager Michelle Wilson is excited to see final results of the developments and the benefits they will provide to users. ‘This funding will enable our West Beach facility to be brought up to modern day standards and see the facility reach its full potential for the variety of sports that use the space. Our cricket and soccer clubs continue to expand especially in the area of female participation and this grant will enable us to provide facilities to meet this growing demand.’

Jemina Daws, hockey club President, has shared her club’s elation about the success of the funding submission. “We are excited about the development which allows our club access to female friendly change rooms and a brand new shared facility to benefit Adelaide University Sport clubs based at West Beach”.

Ben Melville from the mountain club commented on behalf the club’s members, “We look forward to making the most of the many opportunities presented by the West Beach facility upgrade, and seeing our humble 'boat shed' transformed into a hive of social Club activity.

The Adelaide university scuba club have assisted in providing additional funds to ensure that this project goes ahead. In their letter of support, Club President Emily, stated that the facility has not been upgraded in some time. “The state the facility is currently in, we find ourselves introducing prospective members to the space, only to later see them join another club due to our lacking facilities”. The upgrade will assist the scuba club in meeting their objectives which include increasing club participation and membership engagement.

The construction of the new facilities are planned to be completed in the second half of 2020 with the aim of the new change rooms and clubs rooms available for use in the new cricket season. This is an exciting win for Adelaide University Sport in the hope that when sport resumes later in the year that we will be able to put these facilities to use creating a more inclusive environment for all users.

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*The above image is a concept only and does not represent the final outcome of this development.