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The Roma’s have come agonisingly short of a top-four finish a number of times throughout the weekend. The team faced a very steep battle throughout Round 2 with a number of players labelled “the fallen” succumbed to injury.

In our first match we started off against Round 1 Champions UQ perfectly with a 21 – 0 lead in the first half, unfortunately, a couple of poor decisions gave us the opportunity to seal the win and UQ showed their class by staging a successful comeback. In two pool rounds, we also drew against the Home side Bond University and 2018 Champions Griffith University which took us one point out of the running for a top-four spot.

For the second tournament in a row, we finished in 5th position which is an absolute testament to the squad of 14 we took to the Gold Coast. As another member joined “the fallen” minutes on players increased and increased throughout the whole weekend. The management team is extremely proud of the side and know they will put on a show for our Round 3 in our own backyard.

The University of Adelaide Roma’s secured another 12 series points, placing us 5th overall with two 5th place finishes.

Match Reports Round 2 – Bond University
27th - 29th September 2019
Game 1
The University of Adelaide Roma's v University of Queensland

The Roma’s started off strongly against the Round 1 Champions UQ as our first possession came from a knock on after the kick. We received a scrum within the attacking 40 and moved UQ across the field, where Hannah Jones makes a break with an offload to Sadler, back to Jones and Jasmine Joyce finishing off a strong passage of play with a try under the posts.

We kicked off again, where UQ went to the short side, and Mahalia Murphy made a critical tackle giving us a lineout within UQ’s half. We immediately moved to ball line to Joyce, who scored her second try after outpacing two UQ opponents, cheekily putting the ball down under the posts.

With three and a half minutes gone, we had raced to a 14-0 lead. Unfortunately, a short kick gave UQ prime position on the halfway line. After a few phases by UQ we got the ball back from a forced turnover to Joyce after a dominant tackle by Karpani. A penalty followed where we gave the ball to Eva, who offloaded to murphy and she sped away after beating two defenders to score under the posts, giving us a 21-0 lead.

The kick to restart play just went past a contestable length and UQ had the ball for a number of phases before it was stolen at the ruck by Darcy Sadler, supported by a monster clean out by Eva Karpani. Hannah Jones then kicked the ball into touch calling the half time break.

After a dominant performance in the first half, we had set ourselves for a good contest for the remainder of the match. We received UQ’s kick and Murphy made a superb break down the sideline, where a pass to Gregory would have put us under the posts, but Murphy didn’t have the opportunity to pass. Luckily a penalty followed, but we couldn’t break the UQ defensive line and they were awarded a penalty. A deadly step by Hannaway from UQ caused a break and she scored to the left of the posts.

We again received the kick and a pass didn’t get to hand, causing a knock on and scrum to UQ within our half. UQ’s Mosby then went blind and scored under the posts, courtesy of some lazy Roma’s defence.

Following slow ruck support by the Roma’s we lost the ball at a critical time, giving UQ a solid bout of possession within our half. UQ’s Nasser then make a break to the right of the field, going in under the posts.

Suddenly, scores were tied at 21 all. UQ gained a knock back off the kick-off and started their final assault of the match. Gregory stopped a certain try with a clinical tackle on UQ’s Ciesolka. UQ moved the ball wide and we conceded a penalty 15m out from our try line.

The next try of the match went to a Sadler, but sadly, it wasn’t ours… Mackenzie barged her way straight over Joyce to score in the corner and give UQ the lead and sealed the match for the Round 1 Champions.

Final Score: Roma’s 21 v 26 University of Queensland
Try Scorers: Jasmine Joyce (2), Mahalia Murphy (1)
Conversions: Hannah Jones (3)

Game 2
The University of Adelaide Roma's v University of New England

After a scheduled bye, the Roma’s took on UNE. We received possession where Jones gave the ball to Karpani for a solid run. We moved the ball to the right of the field and then shifted back to the left where Jones made a line break and scored in the corner.

UNE hit back with a try under the posts after a beak by their speedster Maya Stewart, taking the score to 5-7 to UNE. Receiving the ball we tried to get out of our own 22m line, but a knock on and an offside player playing the ball gave UNE strong field positioning. Lazy UNE support saw Joyce jump on the ball for a forced turnover.

Two strong runs by Karpani and Meyer then moved us out of our half where the ball was given to Gregory on the outside. She was pulled down within the 22m, giving the offload to an ever-present Rowe who passed to Potter kept the ball alive. We then moved it across the field to Lauren Meyer hitting a strong line and evading two defenders to score under the posts, Jones converting the try.

Joyce, jumping on the ball twice was not awarded by the referee, however, she forced a knock on by UNE which rounded out the half with the Roma’s leading 12 points to 7. After the kick, we made a dominant tackle on UNE where we have two players over the ball giving us a penalty. Joyce tapped the ball within milliseconds and ran away to score, Hannah jones the converted from the sideline.

Restarting play, Murphy was penalised for contesting the ball at the kick-off, but somehow was penalised for taking a player out. UNE moved the ball wide to their winger, who knocked the ball on, giving the Roma’s possession within the 22m of UNE line. A clean feed out of the scrum then got the ball to Joyce in centre who got on the outside of her opponent and scored to the left of the posts.

UNE gained the ball back off the kick, where after some breaks down midfield they moved the ball wide to their winger, who scored in the corner. This took the score to 26-12. The rain started the come down and you could hear the thunder in the distance. Murphy then made a good run down the right-hand side of the field, giving a basketball pass, which was just out of Joyce’s reach.

Finishing the match Zara Lee got over an unsupported ruck, where she nearly grabbed the ball and stole it from UNE, unfortunately knocking it on and ending the match.

Final Score: Roma’s 26 v 12 University of New England
Try Scorers: Hannah Jones (1), Lauren Meyer (1), Jasmine Joyce (2)
Conversions:  Jones (3/4)

Game 3
The University of Adelaide Roma's v Bond University

The Roma’s started the match by receiving the kick from Bond University, however, it bounced and Bond managed to gain possession but lost it shortly after, courtesy of a knock on in mid field, which giving the Roma’s a centre field scrum.

Kelly Rowe fed the ball and got a clean pass at the base of the scrum and passed to Hannah Jones who made the first line break of the match. The Roma’s could not capitalise on the opportunity as a pass didn’t go to hand. Bond moved the ball wide and some miscommunication in defence allowed in the first try to Bond’s winger Steph Rutherford.

Bond restarted play with a kick that just went 10m on the bounce which followed a penalty to the Roma’s for contact on the jumper on the lineout. A strong run by Karpani with a follow up from Rowe and Murphy then gave us good go forward, however, no support at the ruck gave Bond ball in
hand. They quickly worked their way up field, gained a penalty where Joyce was offside and a Yellow card followed for the Welsh International. Bond quickly capitalised on their overlap and passed the ball wide and Rutherford went in for her second.

Play restarted with a kick to Karpani, who made another trademark run down the field and the Roma’s were awarded with a penalty as bond were offside at the ruck. Potter quickly took the tap and passed to Murphy who made a strong carry downfield beating three defenders and passing to Jones who then passed to an unsuspecting Potter for an error in Bond’s 22m. Bond then took the ball on the short side where luckily a forward pass ended the half.
The second half started with a contestable kick by Jones, where Murphy tapped back to Joyce for the Roma’s first possession, after two phases the ball was in the hands of Joyce again, wrong footing one opponent and making a line break down the left edge of the field. Well supported by Zara Lee and
Jones the ball was moved to Kelly Rowe, who evaded two defenders to go in under the posts for the Roma’s first points of the match.

Restarting play, Bond got their hands on the ball and made their way downfield with a break through the centre, however a pass did not go to hand and was put into touch, giving the Roma’s a lineout on their own 22m line. The Roma’s then chose the scrum option giving us space across the field. After a
few phases the ball made it to the edge of the field where Alice Gregory flew down the side of the field, only to be caught by the Jersey of Bond’s captain Emily Bass.

We turned over possession and then a knock down in a tackle gave Bond possession in our half. We then gained a penalty at the ruck, where d’Arcy Sadler then took a quick tap passing across field where a tackle left us without a supporting player and resulted in the loss of the ball.

Bond moved the ball across field but another pass not going to hand resulted in a knock on and a scrum to the Roma’s within our own half. The ball was fed and moved out across the backs to the hands of Joyce, who got the Roma’s out of jail with a try from 15m out of our own line. Unfortunately, the following
kick didn’t get over the posts, and a draw resulted. 
Final Score: Roma’s 12 v 12 Bond University
Try Scorers: Kelly Rowe (1), Jasmine Joyce (1)
Conversions: Hannah Jones (1/1), Lauren Potter (0/1)

Game 4
The University of Adelaide Roma's v Griffith University

In the first game of Day 2 the Roma’s came up against Griffith University, who narrowly nabbed a win in the dying minutes of our pool match in Round 1. The match, however, wasn’t started how we intended with a knock on from the kick-off, giving Griffith immediate possession.

We caught a break from the Griffith onslaught as a ball popped out of a ruck and Zara Lee jumped on it pass it to Jones and then Kildare who dragged the Griffith defenders across field, Gregory switched under and passed to Jones which was a well-executed interplay giving Jones our first line break of the match and try over the left-hand side of the field.

Griffith then moved the ball across field with the Roma’s defence holding strong, a missed pass by Griffith forced their winger to shovel it back in field were Jones went for a kick through, Jones subsequently the victim of a late attempt to get a toe on the ball was slowed down by the kick of a Griffith player, stopping a certain try.

Griffith jumped on the ball and our ruck presence was quick enough to secure a penalty 5m out from the Griffith line. Kildare took the quick tap, with the Griffith player never touching the wine line was deemed offside and a yellow card was shown to the player. The numerical advantage caused the Roma’s to move the ball wide but a last pass for a certain try was intercepted by Griffith’s Kahli Henwood.

They moved the ball deep and wide but were cut short by Potter, who executed a well-timed hit. The next phase saw a carry by Griffith but Joyce got her
hands on the ball in the tackle, ripped it free and scored from 5m out. After the Kick Griffith made their way downfield and were helped by the Roma’s through offside at the ruck.

Griffith passed the ball across the field and back again with some offloads to catch the Roma’s short of the left-hand side of the field. The kick off to restart play was a low kick where Griffith managed to snatch the ball out of the air for another possession, luckily the ball was knocked and half time of the match followed.
The second half started with a Roma’s kick where Griffith received the ball and was met by the duo of Karpani and Murphy, the next phase had Griffith move the ball wide where Joyce pounced on the ball giving us a turnover and penalty. Within milli-seconds, she tapped the ball and scooted down the
far edge of the field for her second try of the match.

Griffith then got the ball back in hand despite some confusion on the kick reception, moving the ball to the far side of the field and back. Unfortunately, both Sadler and Murphy went into a tackle at the same time which saw Sadler unable to continue. Prior to that Griffith made their way downfield but were covered by Kildare in Sweep and Karpani on the chase.

A quick recycle of the ball allowed Griffith to gain their second try of the match, despite the efforts of the Roma’s to keep the try out wide of the posts, Griffith managed to put it over the dot and secure a further 2 points to put them within winning reach.

Play restarted with Griffith kicking high to Gregory, who was caught flat footed and knocked to the ground through a very heavy tackle. Following a short stoppage in play, the Roma’s were awarded the scrum and the ball was still in the scrum as the Griffith halfback pushed the offside line and gave away a penalty.

The Roma’s set up Karpani for a devastating run through mid-field but a poor offload handed back possession and Griffith made the most of the broken Roma’s defence to made their way down field. Joyce again made a try saving tackle but was penalised for a non-release and a simple missed tackle gave Griffith a try under the posts. Luckily for the Roma’s, the Griffith kick was unsuccessful levelling the scores up at 17 apiece.

Griffith kicked to restart play, the ball bounce and Karpani was able to keep the ball infield with a wild pass to Potter who started a chain of passing across field. The Roma’s moved the ball back to the edge of the field where a pass was centimetres off Karpani’s hands and resulted in a knock on.

In the dying seconds on the match, Griffith had a scrum on the edge of the field. Roma’s defence held strong, but the referee awarded a penalty from outside of the lawbook, giving Griffith a centre field advantage. They took the tap and the Griffith player then kicked the ball out of play for reasons completely unknown, ending the match in a 17 all draw.

Final Score: Roma’s 17 v 17 Griffith University
Try Scorers: Hannah Jones (1), Jasmine Joyce (2)
Conversions: Hannah Jones (1/3)

Game 5
The University of Adelaide Roma's v University of Technology, Sydney (5th & 6th Semi-Final Playoff)

In the first match up between UTS and the Roma’s for the 2019 series, the Roma’s got off to a flying start as Joyce received the ball and broke a tackle to run 50m and score under the posts. UTS then received the ball from a kick-off and some poor defence by the Roma’s saw the side in teal easily make their way up the field.

They moved the ball wide to an unsupported runner and Murphy jumped on the opportunity, securing a turnover for the Roma’s. However, the Roma’s looked lost on the penalty and without any options to take the ball forward a pass went to ground, and a poor ball placement put the ball on a platter for UTS, who executed a turnover.

They moved the ball wide and caught the Roma’s defence on the outside to score their first of the match, and level the scores at 7 apiece. The Roma’s got possession back from the turnover, Jones took the ball to the line but the referee got in the way of play and caused a loss of sight from our supporting player Meyer, who subsequently knocked on.

This resulted in a UTS scrum in our 22m, but the rugby Gods fixed the game with a knock on by UTS giving the Roma’s back possession. The Roma’s knocked the ball on at the back of the scrum to again switch possession. To add to the stagnant nature of the match, another penalty was awarded against UTS despite the scrum looking fine from all angles.

A short arm penalty to the Roma’s followed but a missed pass gave UTS the ball as it bounced on the ground. UTS moved the ball wide to Darcie Morrison who was wrapped up by Potter, then UTS went short with Layne Morgan trying to outpace Karpani on the edge.

In an unusual set of events, Karpani kept Morgan off the ground but the initial contact was high in a certain try scoring situation. As a result and a penalty try was awarded to UTS and Karpani was handed a yellow.

The Roma’s got the ball from the kick-off and made their way up field, but a penalty against us for not being on our feet in the ruck gave UTS the possession of the ball. Luckily UTS were called for the same thing as Kennedy Cherrington played the ball.  We made a quick tap and moved the ball to
Jones who passed the ball over two UTS players to Joyce for another long range try under the black dot. Jones’s successful kick brought the first half to a close.

We had the kick to start the second half of the match, putting it deep into UTS’s 22 metres. An unexpected UTS offload caused a knock on at their ruck and it dropped into Murphy’s hands. Advantage was given to the Roma’s but it was called up and a scrum was given and a penalty followed through UTS being offside at the scrum.

Murphy then worked her way across field evading four players to set up a ruck on the far right-hand side of the field. Showing her class Joyce then scooted from halfback and scored by going around the outside UTS ruck defender, giving her a hat trick. Potter took the conversion and was awarded by the
in goal official and the referee for the match.

UTS received the kick to restart play and after a few phases, the Roma’s were caught offside, giving UTS a penalty midfield. They then moved the ball upfield where Bella Mackenzie stepped a couple to just be pulled up short of the line, the next run of play included a well-timed offload to Layne Morgan who dived over for a five-pointer, a missed kick by UTS took the score to 21 points to 19 in favour of the Roma’s.

UTS restarted play in the dying minutes, kicking the ball short of the 10 giving the Roma’s a short arm penalty on halfway midfield. After a strong run by Karpani the ball was moved to Kildare to hand the ball back on the inside to Karpani, who’s a loose carry knocked the ball forward, giving the scrum to UTS within their own 22m line.

UTS won the scrum and slowly started to make their way up the field, Roma’s defence held strong for a number of phases. UTS’s youngest player then made a dart down the short side and broke free, looking to score the match winner, but Joyce had other idea’s making a massive power play tackling the youngster over the sideline bringing an end to the match.
Final Score: Roma’s 21 v 19 University of Technology, Sydney
Try Scorers:  Jasmine Joyce (3)
Conversions: Hannah Jones (2/2), Lauren Potter (1/1)

Game 6
The University of Adelaide Roma's v Bond University (5th Place Final Playoff)

In the final match of the day, the Roma’s came up against pool opponents and hosts Bond University. Bond commenced proceedings with the kick which landed in Karpani’s hands, and a trademark fend from Karpani was given to Bond Captain Bass who went flying.

The ball was moved wide to Potter who got a nice double touch and passed the ball over the top to Joyce, who cut back infield and in her trademark step evaded 5 players to make some metres up field, putting the Roma’s on the front foot. Murphy took a ball quickly form the ruck and barrelled through the Bond’s defence and she crossed the paint for the first try of the match.

Bond got their hands on the ball after the kick where they moved the ball across the field but a knock on over the right-hand side of the field gave the Roma’s a scrum within Bond’s half. A clean ball out the back for Rowe set up Hannah jones for a strong carry up field, but unfortunately the
Roma’s knocked on and turned over possession again.

Wallaroo’s Prop Karpani dominated the scrum but was penalised for standing and Bond’s captain Bass took a quick tap. Bond moved the ball wide and Joyce read the play perfectly and push the Bond player over the sideline, winning the Roma’s lineout. Zara Lee was thrown up in the Lineout
and won a fantastic ball thrown by Kelly Rowe which was moved across the field out through Potter, Jones took to the line and dummied to Joyce and kept running around the outside, she then linked with Joyce on the inside who made her way back infield but was just pulled down by Bass.

Joyce played her own ball but it was ripped out of her grasp and bond passed the ball wide to Kirby Sefo who took Karpani on the outside and was subsequently tackled out of the field of play. The Roma’s had the lineout but the ball wasn’t thrown in straight, giving possession right back to the

At the scrum, Karpani was again penalised for standing up in the scrum and Bond took the quick tap and the ball was passed to midfield with a strong Bond carry, in the same phase of play the Roma’s conceded a penalty and it was taken quickly, but they were pulled up agonisingly short of the try line, despite the best efforts of the Roma’s they held one more phase out by the Bond handback jumped over the line to score a try to the left of the uprights.

Bond kicked the ball into the 22m line into Karpani’s hands, she carried three players with her and the Roma’s next phase was to move the ball wide where the combination of Potter and Joyce created space on the inside for Joyce the run through, Joyce palmed a would be defender off and evaded the Bond sweeper through pure pace and she scored her first of the match right under the posts.

A successful conversion by Jones wrapped up the first half of the 5th place playoff with the Roma’s leading 14 points to 7.
Starting the second of Jones got the ball in hand and kicked short and wide where Murphy timed a perfect tackle on the Bond’s catcher, giving the Roma’s a scrum within the Queenslander’s half. Clean ball out the back of the scrum gave the Roma’s a good platform to work from, a break down the right-hand side of the field was stopped by Bond’s flyer Rutherford.

The Roma’s moved the ball all the way to the opposite edge which resulted in a coach killer, taking the ball out over the sideline. Bond had the lineout just outside their 22m line, a clean take gave Bond and easy ball, but an aimless kick was put through and Joyce jogged back and picked up the ball. We moved the ball from the base of the ruck and switched the direction of play with Jones linking up with Potter on the right-hand edge evading two players for an offload to Kildare and a quick play the ball back to the left side of the field.

Rowe took on the line and accelerated through, only to be caught by her jersey, she threw an offload to the ever-present Murphy who barged her way through two bond defenders to score the Roma’s third try of the contest. The kick from Jones was a great strike but just fell short of the posts.

Restarting play, the Roma’s kicked the ball to the left edge where Bond got a successful knock back and possession, moments later they were penalised for the ball player being off feet at the ruck. In what was surely in a moment of frustration the Bond player threw the ball away and received a yellow card for her efforts.

Rowe started the penalty and passed midfield for a ruck, Meyer passed to flat-footed Joyce who waited for the defender to bite and a quick step in field and she took off untouched to score her second of the match, taking the Roma’s to a commanding 26-7 lead.

Bond got the ball in hand and evaded a couple of tackles before attacking the short side, this followed some powerful runs by bond and then went over on the far side of the field and nudged the ball over the crossbar. Bond restarted play and kicked the ball down the throat of Murphy, who kicked the ball straight into touch, finishing the match with the Roma’s 12 point winners over the home side and securing 5th place for Round 2 of the Aon Uni7s Series.

Final Score: Roma’s 26 v 14 Bond University
Try Scorers:  Mahalia Murphy (2), Jasmine Joyce (2)
Conversions: Hannah Jones (3/4)