Our Scholarship Recipients: Hugo Langsford

Our Scholarship Recipients: Hugo Langsford

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Adelaide University Sport is proud to be able to support athletes through our various scholarships. Hugo Langsford is a member of the the Adelaide University Boat Club (AUBC) and received the Bob Heddle Scholarship in 2019. The Bob Heddle Scholarship is awarded to University of Adelaide students who not only excel in their chosen sport, but also give valuable service to their Adelaide University Sport club.

Hugo is a keen and passionate member of the AUBC and loves being a part of the Adelaide University Sport community. "I am a rower with the Adelaide University Boat Club and have been with them for the past 5 years. I've really enjoyed the balance of club culture and strong competition it offers. I found out about the scholarship on the AU Blacks website. I saw the criteria and thought I'd have a go."

Hugo's experiences and contributions to both Adelaide University Sport and AUBC were the reasons he believed he was a worthy candidate for the scholarship. "2018 gave me my first taste of international competition at the World University Rowing Championships and by this point I had spent some time on AUBC's committee. I knew of others who had received scholarships for similar contributions and thought it would be worth applying. When applying for this scholarship I felt that my contribution to AUBC and Adelaide University Sport was sufficient to meet the criteria. Having rowed for the club domestically and interstate I thought that I had represented the club well 'on-field' and since joining the committee I have done a fair bit of work 'off-field' as well."

The scholarship will help Hugo with the realities of being involved in what is a very expensive sport. "Rowing is an expensive sport at the best of times. With a few interstate competitions through out the year things like flights, accommodation and even the cost of towing boats to regattas adds up pretty quickly. This scholarship will help contribute to some of these expenses and relieve some of the burden."

When asked what advice Hugo would give to someone thinking about getting involved in the extra aspects of being a part of an Adelaide University Sport Club, he believes there are significant benefits to personal growth up for grabs. "Striving to achieve in whatever sport you're involved in is great but being able to make a real contribution to how your club runs is unique to Adelaide University Sport. I'd encourage potential applicants to get involved with the behind-the-scenes aspects of club management. It's a bit more work but the opportunity to get first hand experience running what is effectively a small business is hard to come by. Worst outcome leaves you with something to put on your resume, best outcome a scholarship. Win-win."

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