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Improving Elite Athlete Support

Posted By Sports Development Officer on 31/10/2017

Following the adoption of AU Sport’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan, a renewed focus has been established to further develop an Elite Athlete Program at the University of Adelaide. The Board admits that at present - in comparison to other major universities in Australia – AU Sport is behind in regard to elite sport and athlete support programs. In the next four years, the aim
is to significantly reduce this gap.

As per our strategy the Board have divided a plan into three areas:

  • Promoting awareness and pursuit of “elite” opportunities
  • Increasing support to clubs and athletes; and
  • Individual financial support

While the AU Sport Board can speculate about what they may think are the most important elements of developing elite sport, it is vital that they receive feedback from ALL AU Sport Clubs with regard to how they believe they might be able to provide assistance.

All AU Sport Clubs are asked to complete the Elite Athlete Club Feedback Survey to provide their thoughts to the Board. This survey consists of a series of short questions and is intended to provide the Board with
an idea of attitudes towards elite sport in our university community. For us, gathering this
base level information from AU Sport clubs will assist us in our assessment of the current
environment and the possible restructuring of club support programs for elite sport and
individual sporting scholarships.

In addition to “ticking a box”, some questions contains a text box for further comments.
Please do not hesitate to be specific with any potential needs or suggestions as they will all
be considered.

Clubs are asked to discuss the survey at committee level and then provide the Committee's response (not individual points of view) by Thursday, 30 November. A PDF version of this survey is available here for use for committee discussions only.

If you would like to contact someone directly with any other questions, suggestions or to discuss
the topic of elite sport at our university more broadly, please do not hesitate to contact me
Hugo Burgin or another Board member. Hugo can be reached at

It is important that we receive as many responses as possible, so please pass this on to your entire committee and get them back by Thursday, 30 November!

Survey link:
Hard copy of survey