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Club Management - Dos and Don'ts

Posted By Mike Daws on 31/07/2017

Over the past two months, there has been a number of opportunities for AU Sport Club Committee members to come together and undertake training, not only to upskill their own personal knowledge about club management but also to gain a greater understanding of where improvements can be made at their club.

It was great to see that all of our clubs with a Liquor Licence attend an information session conducted by Mike Penfold from Clubs SA. Those who attended learned about the upcoming changes to Club Licencing and what impact these changes will have on their current activities. Some of the forthcoming changes will make managing their licence easier. However, other elements will require a greater understanding of requirements and a little more work to address. At the end of the day, all present agreed that implementing and managing these changes will result in safer and more responsible club environment.

“The bar at the AU Hockey Club is very important to the club. It not only provides the Club with a source of income but it is also a place where we can grow a positive club culture, so it is very important that we are managing it well and successfully” says Jemina Daws, AU Hockey Club President. “We are very grateful for AU Sport and Mike from Clubs SA for providing this session for us and the ongoing club management support that they provide”.
Deirdre Albrighton, also from Clubs SA, held a Risk Management workshop where 23 people form 14 AU Sport Clubs gained an understanding of what is risk management and what reporting requirements are required with the AU Sport Risk Management Program.

Rebecca Batclaan, President of the AU Swimming Club said “The session was good as it highlighted that risk management isn’t just about physical risks and it is important to get an idea of what can go wrong”.

“Attending the session was good as it confirmed that we are already doing some things well” Kailin Sullivan from the AU Motorsport Club said, “There’s still a lot to do but we are on track.”

Once again, AU Sport also provided clubs with the opportunity to attend its Marketing and Communication workshop just before a major recruitment drive event (Clubs in the Hub). This topic has been presented many times and it is great to see that 17 clubs to date have come to learn and share their marketing and communication tips over the last two years.

All of these training opportunities are provided thanks to the AU Sport Club Development and Leadership Program. Other future topics, including Financial Management and Strategic planning, will be covered.