Swimming Trainings

Swimming Trainings


The Adelaide University Swimming Club offers three swimming trainings per week. All three trainings are optional, which means every member can choose to join ANY of the three trainings without problems. We cater for any swimming level and generally have a swimming set available for a slow, medium and a fast lane.

Not sure whether you want to join the club? Use our Come & Try offer!

We offer a one-time-only COME & TRY session for people interested in joining the club, which is just $3 for general entry into the pool. For more information see the 'Membership and Prices' page.

Training Times

Three trainings per week:

  • Mondays 6-7pm
    SOCIAL SWIM: We have a set available and add in fun activities occasionally such as relays, etc.

  • Wednesdays 6-7pm
    COACHED SWIM: Focus on technique, improve stroke, kick, turns etc. for the stroke of the week.

  • Fridays 6-7pm
    COACHED SWIM: Focus on fitness, timed sprints or long distance swimming of the stroke of the week, with the aim to improve overall fitness.

    The stroke of the week, starting in week 1 is Freestyle, then Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and finaly IM (all 4). Then back to Freestyle.


We ask that every member and every person who comes for the Come & Try swimming session has: 

  • A basic knowledge of the three main strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke).

  •  The ability to swim 100m (4 laps of a 25m pool) non-stop.

Training dates for 2020

  • Term 1: 2 March - 27 March

  • Term 2: 27 April - 19 June

  • Term 3: 27 July - 18 September

  • Term 4: 5 October - 6 November



     Term 1 & 4:
          Uni SA Magill Pool (heated, outdoors):
          14 Bundey Street, Magill

     March 30, 2020 - April 27, 2020 NO TRAINING


     Terms 2 & 3:
          St Peter's College Swimming Pool (indoors):
          St Peters SA 5069 

Travelling To The Pool

Arriving at the pool is your own responsibility, however, we will try to help if we can. Please post in our Facebook group if you need help getting to the pool (see 'Contact Us' page). We will be posting regular updates every training day on how to get to the pool and what time training is.