Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Please adhere to the following dates if you would like to follow the payment plan to pay for your trip. These must be purchased from the online store. Please do not deposit any instalments into our bank account, if you do so we will refund these amounts and ask you to purchase them from the website. Only full trip costs can be deposited directly into our account. 

If you have any difficulties following this plan, please email and we can discuss alternative options.


Due Date

Deposit ($100)

ASAP to secure your place!

Instalment #1 ($300)


Instalment #2 ($300)


Instalment #3 ($300)


Instalment #4 ($300)


Instalment #5 ($330)


It is extremely important that all your instalments are made on these dates. If any dates are missed, you must ensure they are all paid by the last instalment date (10/6/20)