How to pay for your trip

The 2020 Trip will cost $1630 per person (this includes the $100 deposit i.e. once deposit is paid, total owing will be $1530)

There are strictly two ways to pay for your trip

  1. Paying in full via direct bank deposit

  2. Following the 5 step payment plan (March - June)

In either case the $100 deposit (non-refundable) MUST be purchased by all members through The AUSKI store. When this deposit is available to purchase we will notify members via email. You CANNOT mix & match your payment types, if one or more instalments from the payment plan is paid, the rest must be paid via these instalments. You may not pay any value directly to the bank account unless it is your full trip payment. We will refund any random amounts of money deposited and ask you to pay via the instalments. 


LAST DATE TO PAY: 10th of June 2020. All payments must be made by the 10th of June 2020 if you wish to attend the trip. 

If you wish to follow the payment plan please switch to this page now.



The first 5 individuals to pay for their trip in full will recieve a $100 discount.

Please follow these steps:

  1. Purchase the 'Early Bird' Deposit ($100) from the store

  2. Please note there are only 5 items of stock for this product and it will show as 'Out of Stock' once exhausted.

  3. You then must deposit your trip payment in full MINUS $100 into our club bank account.

  4. Send a screenshot of the confirmation to or message it to our Facebook page ASAP. 

  5. The early bird deposit and bank transfer must be completed in the same day or the sale is void. 

  6. Contact us if you have any problems with this procedure. 

Paying in full

If you wish to pay for your trip in full this must be done via direct deposit to our bank account. Do not purchase any of the payment plan instalments. 
Please follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your club membership is complete. Click here if you need to buy it. 

  2. Purchase the $100 deposit from the website. If you do not have your membership you will be redirected to purchase this.

  3. Deposit the full remaining trip cost into our club bank account ($1530)

The $100 deposit is non-refundable as stated in our terms and conditions. If for some reason you cannot attend the trip after making any additional payments please contact the club immediately to discuss options for refunding. Please make every effort to plan your year accordingly to ensure you do not have to pull from the trip. Students who are required to sit supplementary exams please see FAQs.


Name: The Adelaide University Snow Ski Club
BSB: 015-311
ACC: 1821-15174

Include your FULL NAME in the title of the transfer. Please take special care to imput our correct account details in the transaction.
Once the transfer has been made, email a copy or screenshot of the successful payment to our treasurer Braydon at Please email him with any difficulties you may experience.

Please note: Any amounts other than the FULL TRIP COST will be refunded (This includes half the tripcost, or any other random amounts). Please only deposit the trip cost IN FULL. If you would like to arrange any payments which do not adhere to either the payment plan or paying in full please contact