Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

By becoming a member of AUSKI you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • All members must purchase membership to the Adelaide University Sports Association. This is free for Adelaide University Students, and $88 for non-students.

  • Attending the Ski Trip will not be permitted unless this membership is purchased.

  • Non-students who wish to participate in AUSKI social activities only and not the annual trip may choose not to purchase the Adelaide University Sports Association membership ($88). This however means that individuals will not be covered for insurance purposes in the case of an incident occurring.

  • If an individual is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at an AUSKI event (both Adelaide University students and non-students) they will not be covered for insurance purposes regardless of membership to the Adelaide University Sports Association.

  • AUSKI are not liable for any personal injury, damage to persons or property and any current or future loss at any AUSKI event.


  • You agree to follow the payment plan as proposed and ratified by the current AUSKI committee. Non-payment without explanation may see your payments forfeited. We understand that students sometimes don’t have unlimited funds. Please contact the committee if you would like or need to alter your payment plan.

  • The $100 ski trip deposit is non-refundable.

  • Payments to attend any other AUSKI events are non-refundable unless a replacement is found.

  • AUSKI endeavor to accommodate all situations where students may have to pull out of the ski trip. There will be no refund unless notice is given to the committee in writing, at least 4 weeks out from the departure date

  • AUSKI understand there can be extenuating circumstances where a member may have to pull out. It is the responsibility of the member to inform the committee of any circumstances at the earliest opportunity to arrange for alternative plans. Failure to inform the committee may result in all monies being forfeited to AUSKI.

  • Students sitting supplementary exams are refunded monies excepting their deposit. A person is responsible for informing the committee at the earliest possible opportunity to arrange for a replacement. This period is two weeks from the departure date. Failure to inform the committee will result in the member forfeiting all monies to AUSKI.

General Disclaimer

  • Snow sports are a fun, challenging, yet ultimately dangerous activity. By signing this form you agree to indemnify AUSKI of any and all injuries that may happen for the duration of the annual ski trip. This includes, but is not limited to any loss, current and future, suffered as a result of attending the ski trip.

  • All participants agree to abide by AUSA rules of conduct, AUSKI rules of conduct and by any law or rule as jurisdiction calls for in relation to all activities undertaken with AUSKI.

  • Mt Hotham has an active ski patrol and police patrol. Members are to follow rules and directions of any persons holding authority from these organisations. Failure to follow instruction may result in a member’s trip being terminated.

  • AUSKI will not be held liable for any illegal activity undertaken by a member. This includes participating in snow sports under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.

  • All participants agree to give full correct details to AUSKI as asked for the purposes of membership.

  • All ski trip participants must be at least 18 years of age by the time of the start of the trip. Anyone participant who will not be 18 years of this age by this time should seek further advice from the AUSKI committee before making any payment.

  • Any damage to property inflicted by the member is the sole responsibility of the member, and AUSKI will not be held liable.

  • AUSKI may contact your emergency contacts as provided to us by yourself during the membership sign-up process. We will only contact them in case of emergency or if there is an urgent issue that requires you attention and we cannot contact you. 

‘AUSKI’ refers to both the committee and members of the club, past, present and future