AUMC O'camp 2020 Wrap-Up

AUMC O'camp 2020 Wrap-Up

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Ben Melville

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As always, the 2020 edition of AUMC O'camp (14th-15th March) brought together members, new and old, from all over the world. With representation from Denmark, Scotland, America, Canada (a lot of them too), England, Taiwan and even Tasmania (!!), it was a pretty eclectic bunch that packed out our site of the Pink Gums Campground, Onkaparinga. There were a solid number of locals too, dutifully consoling the visitors that 'we usually do actually see heaps of kangaroos and koalas here'.

Fortunately, what the trip lacked in marsupial wildlife sightings was more than made up for by rigorous 'character building' hiking. Admittedly, the 'hiking' much more closely resembled rock-hopping, bush bashing and medium-difficulty shallow water soloing much of the time. Luckily, the sure-footedness of the group minimized the number of shoes and backsides to slip into the water (for the most part).

After half a day's trekking (plus, for some, a couple of minutes of sprinting/racing up a near-vertical hill), everyone was glad to enjoy a hard-earned swim in the gorge. (Props to Ryan, representing Canada, for leaving everyone in the dust on the hill-sprint by the way.)

Following the final climb up to the campground, there was plenty of delicious food and spirited conversation going around as people took the chance to put up their weary legs.

With the help of Kevin Parker, triple j's hottest 100 of the decade came through with the goods and provided the perfect musical backdrop as the sun set on a very fulfilling day.

Following dinner, Christmas came early for the climbing enthusiasts among the group, who were very eager to fawn over the new AUMC climbing ropes that Ryan delivered in his red Mazda sleigh.

We look forward to many more Onka's trips to make use of our new toys, and hope that many of the new friends we made on O'camp will be able to join us!