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Nationals for Under Water Rugby

Posted By Sports Development Officer on 6/06/2017

The underwater rugby team, Adelaide White Pointers, of the AU Scuba Diving Club, recently sent some players to compete in Perth in the UWR National Championships 2017.

The event took place over three days (26 to 28 May) with nine teams from around Australia competing. Three players from Adelaide White Pointers were in attendance with one player from Auckland and nine from Canberra who joined to make a hybrid team, The Canberra-Adelaide Dogsharks.

The team had three wins from eight games and placed 6th overall. The team consisted of four players with less than one year's experience in the game, combined with players with experience ranging from four to 17 years. Playing together for the first time, the team is very proud of what they achieved throughout the weekend round robin event. Perth Raiders, which hosted the Nationals event, came out as the Champions for 2017!

The atmosphere amongst teams was friendly and inclusive and this sport is seeing continual growth with the AGM also being held at the poolside prior to commencement of the competition. Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide have university teams which may see university competition in future and, with the selection of a dedicated female national team coach, the governing body, UWR Australia, will be working to recruit and continue training female players for European competition in 2018.