As new committees are elected, each committee must attend an induction session. This meeting can be done with the full committee or just a few depending on availability of committee members. The length of the induction will vary depending on the experience of the committee and their understanding of AU Sport requirements and their clubs responsibilities. Please arrange this meeting with AU Sport Sport Development Officers as soon as possible after a change in committee.

Each club must provide up to date contact details for committee members. This can be done by emailing

Please answer all correspondence promptly, either by phone or email. If you are going away for a period of time, please inform AU Sport and provide a preferred alternate contact. Club mail must also be collected regularly from the AU Sport office.

Calendar of Events
The current AU Sport Calender of key events and requirements can be found here. AU Sport does its best to infom clubs of up coming key dates via email, Facebook posts and in it's monthly newsletter.

AGM and Council Meetings
(27 March, 22 May (also the AGM), 28 August (if required) and 23 October)

All clubs must have a delegate from their committee attend ALL AU Sport Council meetings (at least three per a year), plus the AGM and any Special General Meetings that are called.

This is a mandatory requirement for a ‘Club of the Year’ nomination.

Annual and Financial Reports
(31 January or 7 April)
AU Sport requires an annual and financial report to be submitted by each club which is then included in the AU Sport Annual Report.

The annual report needs to be between 200 and 250 words in length and should include information such us any outstanding individual/team/club achievements and activities which occurred during the year.

Winter sport clubs reports are required by 31 January and summer sport clubs reports are required by 7 April.

This is a mandatory requirement for a ‘Club of the Year’ nomination.

All members of an AU Sport club must also be a member of AU Sport. Information on the different AU Sport membership categories can be found in the AU Sport Membership Policy

All clubs must maintain club membership records. This can be done in two ways: the Club Online Membership System (the preferred way) or with an AU Sport Membership Book.

If Membership Books are used; clubs are required to create their own database. Information that must be included in a membership database is:
  • Member’s name
  • Contact details
  • Date they joined
  • AU Sport Membership type (AU Student, Associate, non-student)
  • Gender
  • Amount paid/club fee

Clubs NOT using the AU Sport Club Online Membership System will need to collect AU Sport membership fees ($88* fee for non-AU students and the $22* fee for Junior and Social members), and this must be paid to AU Sport four times a year (30 January, 27 April, 31 July and 31 October). This is needs to be done by either electronic transfer to the AU Sport  bank account (details available from AU Sport) or by cheque/cash at the AU Sport Office.

This is a mandatory requirement for a ‘Club of the Year’ nomination.

Australian University Sport Database Reporting
(January / February)

Every year AU Sport is required to provide statistical information to Australian University Sport and to do this we need the assistance of all AU Sport clubs. All clubs are asked to keep track of the number of training sessions, competitive games, trips away that you manage and participate in plus a general break down on members who attend. Other information focusing on membership fees and payments to club officials is also needed. AU Sport staff will contact club committees to arrange a time to source this information form you.

Financial Management
AU Sport preference is that all clubs maintain a club cheque account at Bank SA Rundle Mall Branch. It is the club Treasurer's responsibility to ensure that budgets are correctly maintained and provide updates to the club committee.

It the club is making payment to coaches, umpires or others you need to make yourself aware of the AU Sport Officials  (Coaches/Referees) Policy as there could be tax implications. If you find the club is in, or anticipates, some financial problem, do not hesitate to discuss the matter with AU Sport General Manager. Remember AU Sport is here to help. 

Clubs can book University sporting fields and rooms for training, games and meetings. Reference should be made to the Facility Policy and University Playing Fields Policy.

Clubs who regularly use AU Sport facilities such as the North Adelaide University Ovals, Waite Playing Fields, Thebarton Indoor Court and the Iren Watson Training Room need to organise agreements with AU Sport Administration Officer.

Affiliated AU Sport clubs are covered by the Public Liability Insurance and Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.
Club equipment valued over $5000 and any water based equipment valued over $250 is covered by Equipment Insurance. For this reason clubs need to maintain an up-to-date inventory of club equipment, both consumable and capital and should include valuable trophies and awards. Equipment will not be covered if it is not registered with AU Sport.

Financial club members are covered by Personal Accident Insurance which they can access if injured at or travelling to an official club event (sporting or social) as long as they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

It is important for all club committees to understand the implications of non members praticpating in club activities. At the March 2017 Council Meeting this was addressed and you can see the key information here.